With the help of the USB-port of eibPorts, you can access to the inexpensive sensor system of the 1-Wire assortment. This is done in conjunction with 1-Wire USB-adaptor. 

    By this new function you can extend your building control with 1-Wire sensors without any problems, using the full comfort of your KNX-unit.


    Units are powered usually by USB. If the 1-Wire sensors connected as a slave without separate power supply, so 20 slaves could be integrated up to a cable length of 100m. For enhancement of bus capacity, busmaster with additional power supply are able to integrate another 20 slaves.

    By a 1-Wire bus adapter, 1-Wire network will be connected to eibPort. For most of possible applications, normal public telephone line J-Y 2 x2x o,8, resp. KNX-installation line,  is perfectly suitable. 


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