Java Security Warning

    2013-12-17 14:46 by Mario

    With the Java Version 1.7 Update 45 is appearing a security warning by browsing the eibPort Applets (Visualisation, Editor, System) „Do you want to run this application?“. This is nothing to worry about.

    Background is the certificate created by ourselves with which the Java files in the eibPort are signed. This procedure was best practice in the past, in order to avoid unnecessary costs for certification. By trusting the certificate at initial start of the eibPort software, the origin of the program files was assured sufficiently. Unfortunately in the recent past it turned out that this process could contain security gaps. For this reason Oracle decided only to allow execution of programs if they are signed from official authority. By this it is ensured that the author of the program is an official registered company. To take consideration on this at the beginning of january 2014 an corresponding update for the eibPort will be available.

    Another way would be, to not update higher than Java version 1.7. Update 17. In this version the source of the certificate is not verified.

    Downgrading the java version to 1.7 Update 17 is only recommended if between visualisation client and eibPort is a „closed system“ and does not provide internet usage, which could be used by potential attackers to infiltrate the client with malicious code.  


    eibPort Firmware with the new Java Certificate for eibPort Version 3 (3.2.3) you will find it here or in the  Download area

    eibPort Firmware with the new Java Certificate for eibPort Version 2.1 (0.11.7-os) you will find it here or in the  Download area



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