eibPort live test

    In order to start the visualization, click on the first link. It will take a few seconds until the visualization appears. Please be patient. 

    Test the phone Visualization Control S or our New CubeVision!

    Try even the visualization editor (user: admin, pasword: test) integrate an element. You will be surprised how easy it proceeds. To start the editor, the Java VM must be installed on your client.

    Note: If you gain no access to eibPort, probably your firewall blocks the data traffic.

    For the access to your eibPorts you must activate some additional port in your firewall:

    • for the eibPort Visualization: port 8081
    • for the CubeVision: port 8083
    • for the eibPort editor: Port 8082, 2282 und 1782

    Note: optimized for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome

    eibPort Visualisierung test it now!

    CubeVision test it now!

    eibPort Control S test it now!   

    eibPort Editor test it now! Userdata admin / test       Attention: Changes in the eibPort editor are only temporary, the visualization project in the eibPort editor is deleted in the night to Monday and reset all changes.



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