Test the EIBPORT live

    Test CUBEVISION – a new kind of building visualisation with a particularily appealing design which is also very easy to set up.

    CONTROL L is the solution for technically very demanding projects and projects with a high degree of individuality.

    You can even try out adding elements in the visualisation editor. You will be surprised, how easy it is. In order to start the editor, you only have to download BAB STARTER

    Download BAB STARTER WIN now

    Download BAB STARTER MAC now

    + EIBPORT Presentation



    + EIBPORT Editor

    To test the EIBPORT Editor, please download BAB STARTER 
    (BAB STARTER WIN, BAB STARTER MAC, Documentation), and add the following data in BAB STARTER under »Add Device Manually«:

    Host: dmz.bab-tec.de

    HTTP Port: 8082



    Please use the following account for all your tests:

    • User: admin
    • Password: test

    For smart phones and tablets, we offer the CUBEVISION APP. With its
    innovative usability concept and an optimized interface, CUBEVISION
    perfectly adapts to the requirements of mobile devices.

    Try CUBEVISION as an app for iOS and Android

    You can find further information and helpful tutorials on our YouTube
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BABTECHNOLOGIE


    It may take a moment, depending on your Internet connection, for the EIBPORT visualisation to load. Please be patient.

    If you cannot connect to the EIBPORT, your firewall might block the access. You have to open some additional ports in order to connect to our EIBPORTs.

    • for the EIBPORT presentation: Port 8086
    • for the CUBEVISION: Port 8083
    • for the EIBPORT editor: 8082, 2282 and 1782

    All changes you make in the EIBPORT editor are only temporary.

    Our applications work best with recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.