EIBPORT Version 3

    Automate. Visualise. Control.

    Automation and visualization gateway for your building control

    EIBPORT device connects your building control with Ethernet and Home-Entertainment. Thereby he used as desired different techniques. Besides KNX / Powernet KNX TP and the EnOcean radio system or an optional GSM radio connection is available. Through the network interface, it is e.g. possible to switch a beamer or start the preferred mp3 playlist by using a pushbutton. Furthermore, the eibPort provides an excellent visualization and automation of the whole building control.

    The setup of the device is as well simple as also intuitiv. The access to the building control can be realised locally or via remote access by PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone. The only thing requisite is a standard Internet browser.

    Integrated services allow to implement self-acting functionalties as timer function, scenes, logical functions etc without starting an additional visualization (even in case of overlapping address ranges). For monitoring purposes network cameras can be integrated into the visualization. Messages (e.g. faults, housebreaking alarms) are sent as Email and/or SMS to your mobile phone. With the help of the service for distributed installation coupling properties are centrally merged (even when overlapping addresses). Remote programming of EIB/KNX- devices via ETS is possible too. The device is mounted in a common power distribution cabinet.

    The power consumption is less than 5W.

    Additional the EIBPORT Version 3 is equipped with 1-Wire and four S0-Terminals. The S0 interfaces enable the direct integration of corresponding counter. Internal the interfaces are supported by a service that converts the pulses to a counter. The 1-Wire connection takes place over the USB port. 1-Wire is characterized mainly through cheap sensors of the presence and temperature. Especially in combination with the integrated RTR service of EIBPORT the solution leads to interesting scenarios.

    There are 8 different versions available
    • EIBPORT LAN KNX  + EnOcean
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX + EnOcean
    • EIBPORT LAN Powernet KNX + GSM
    • EIBPORT LAN EnOcean


    Integrated software on eibPort+

    Integrated software on EIBPORT

    Visualization software, projection tool and configuration tool, everything in the eibPort. You need merely a device (PC, touchdisplay, ...) with standard internet browser, like Firefox or the Internet Explorer, and the JAVA Virtual machine (freeware).


    The licence free visualisation runs on every device (PC, touchdisplay, ...) with a standard internet browser and the JAVA VM.

    • licence free
    • up to 50 clients at the same time
    • low system requirements
    • arbitrary size of the visualisation pages
    • user administration
    • autologin about URL parameter
    • editable start page
    • several visualisation projects in a device
    • numerous visualisation elements
    • own visualisation elements, ComponetBuilder
    • background picture (static or dynamically /switchable)
    • bus monitor, diagram, analog clock, text field, ...

    You find some screenshots of visualisation solutions with the EIBPORT in the Gallery.


    The project planning of the eibPort visualisation and all jobs is carried out in a simple way with the editors. The intuitive operation and the multilingual mouse over help supports at the working with the editors. No far-reaching experiences are required.

    Visualisation editor

    • exactly placing
    • multilingual menu
    • copy function
    • take over of the group address names from the ETS
    • own visualisiation elements

    Job editor

    • multilingual menu and mouse over help
    • copy function
    • all parameters of a job summarized on only one side
    • open tree structure of all jobs of the EIBPOR
    • documentation of the jobs


    The configuration of the eibPorts is carried out with the help of the Configtool. You need neither ETS-Plugin or ETS! Adjust of parameters, picture upload, configuration of the initial page, upload of own visu elements, .. - everything is simple done with the Configtool. The multilingual mouse over help is a great help.

    eibPort Live+

    Control L Live Test

    We have integrated our eibPort into the Internet. See for yourself how easy and intuitive the eibPort is.


    eibPort Live test

    Technical data+

    Technical data

    • Integrated visualization, interface for all kinds of terminal equipment
    • Integrated services
    • Webserver
    • weekly and annual timer, special day/ holiday timer
    • Astro clock (simple and complex )
    • staircase functionality, sending of time signal
    • Logical functions, delayer, level switch
    • light scenes, comparator, hysteresis, multiplexer
    • E-Mail, WAP-service, SMS via E-Mail
    • Visualization editor derived from graphical editing programms
    • camera linking, processing of error messages
    • Infrarot-connection
    • RS.232 connection
    • gesture control
    • Dialogue pages
    • encoded user authentification
    • inclusion and handling of IP-network cameras
    • connection to NTP-Server
    • Multimedia-connections, RSS Feeds
    • data logging in SQL-database(s)
    • ETS-remote programming
    • KNXnet/IP Server
    • Http-Request with response interpretation by regular terms
    • Mathematics module
    • Integrator
    • Counter
    • Sonos UPnP
    • Control of occupancy plans
    • Ajax visualization
    • address transfer from ETS
    • installation coupling
    • Busmonitor and data recording
    • Adress table with actual state
    • no limitation for number of data points
    • buffering of 500.000 telegrams
    • multiuser visualization without additional licence fees
    • AddWare for data analysis, consumption analysis is available
    • REG housing
    • Connectors: DC-IN (10-30 V), KNX, RJ-45 (Ethernet)
    • X86 600 Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM, 4GB Flash
    • Power consumption < 5 W


    • EnOcean: input objects : 128
    • unlimited number of output objects
    Art.-Nr. and Advertisement+

    10104 - EIBPORT V3 KNX - Ausschreibungstext DE  txt doc rtf

    10504 - EIBPORT V3 KNX EnOcean     - Ausschreibungstext DE  txt doc rtf

    11104 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf

    11504 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet KNX EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf

    10304 - EIBPORT V3 KNX GSM - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf

    13304 - EIBPORT V3 EnOcean GSM - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf

    11304 - EIBPORT V3 Powernet GSM - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf

    13104 - EIBPORT V3 EnOcean - Ausschreibungstext DE txt doc rtf


         Control S


         Control L


        Control R


         Control T



         Control W











    Information material


    additional software


    • UpdateTool V3 Dokumentation DE EN
    • UpdateTool V2.1 Dokumentation DE EN
    • Update EIBPORT V2 Dokumentation DE



    sample projects

    Demo High definition 3D

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo 3D

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo TabletVisu

    FW 1.1.1


    Demo CubeVision, Slide

    FW 3.2.0



    Demo Grundriss +Tablet

    FW 0.11.7


    Demo Grundriss

    FW 0.11.7


    Demo Mobile, Office, Home

    FW 0.11.7  






    Demo CV embedded

    FW 3.4.2